Mission Statement

Lynne says:

Songwriting, my first and greatest love brought me to this crazy business in 1979. First published at age seven with a short story and later poetry, I became a lyricist in 1979 with composer, collaborators like Max Crook (Runaway) and John Capek (Pieces Of Ice). I also studied and learned songwriting with the great belated songwriter Otis Blackwell.

It was fate because one year later I met Jack Hoffman, the founder of Winston Music Publishers, Hoffman House Music and Enith Intl. Records. Jack was a lyricist also and we found we had a lot in common in the love of great wordsmithing.

Jack personally mentored me, introducing me to many great writers, which led to my first song contract with Paramount Famous Music. I soon realized that the business of music publishing was very complex but I had a strong commitment and mindset to learn anything and everything about it. It was a great education that I sought and learned firsthand, especially since my dear friend Jack Hoffman had taken ill. I made the most important decision of my life to stop writing songs and to devote my time to managing his publishing companies and help take care of him. He was a very kindhearted and beautiful person, beloved by all songwriters who had the supreme luck to know him.

Jack’s publishing companies (see 1958 to Now) and the legacy of his independent label built originally in 1958, became my own destiny to care for and exploit, preserve and build. He inspired me to things in life beyond what I’ve ever imagined. Simultaneously, throughout the years, I managed the Lansdowne Music and Bloor Music Publishers catalogs for Norman Malkin’s widow. She was the incredibly talented and beautiful Marjorie Malkin, also known as the Liberty Records recording artist, Margie Rayburn. She became my best friend and my biggest supporter after I lost Jack and for many years, we were a team. Our companies were sister companies, I believe fate led me to help her to administrate these beloved firms. I love all of the songs and the writers associated with the companies, so, I stepped into Jack’s shoes because it was the right thing to do. I stand for what he believed in, the wonder of the art of creativity, inspiring and teaching songwriters to perfect their craft and how to make money with their music! Honest fair and open-handed in his dealings in publishing, I emulate Jack’s integrity and love of great songs, writers, and the business of publishing and it’s challenges. If I could have written this story any differently, I would never change the ending.

Now in 2005, it has been almost 28 years of endless devotion trying to make a difference in the business of music publishing. They say, “never trust anyone in the music business,” I try to prove them wrong. I aspire to motivate, help educate and protect songwriters and artists, their creations and their rights. My goal is to provide compassionate, expert user-friendly publishing administration for our administrated clients and our songwriters. My motto is “create, protect, go forth and collect!”

As an educator, I have been writing the monthly Publishing column for Inside Connection Magazine of NY for over 8 years. I work hard to reach out and disseminate educational and informational assistance to songwriters and artists everywhere, to help protect them in the business of publishing. My personal passion is in helping to recover unpaid royalties, right the wrongs and fight the battles for artists and writers who are in desperate need to be paid for their art. My personal mission is to teach, aid and advocate for our intellectual property rights. I always endeavor to provide personal, honest, helpful, constructive critique for many songwriter organizations and college classes. My greatest reward is in seeing you perfect and grow your writing craft, learning the business of music and in that way, succeed in your dreams. “If you teach a man to fish, he’ll be fed for the rest of his life, but if you just give him a fish, he’ll go hungry.” I believe that the accumulation of knowledge is empowerment!

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