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Click here for our company’s history. If you seek a specific song and don’t see it here, please email us directly at Contact. We will assist you immediately. The songs listed are just a sampling of some of the material we publish or control and we have many songs that may not be listed here. Got a question, just ask!


Doobie Brothers
We co-publish these Doobie Brothers classics in our Lansdowne Music company and can obtain quotes for you from our administrator Warner Bros. Music. Contact us to obtain a quote. We will expedite it.
Black Water – multiplatinum
South City
Midnight Lady
Toulouse Street
Evil Woman
Clear As The Driven Snow
Daughters Of The Sea – multiplatinum
Double Dealin’ Four Flusher
I Cheat The Hangman
Neal’s Fandango
Slat Key Soquel Rag
Sweet Maxine
Tell Me What You Want – multiplatinum
Wheels Of Fortune
You Just Can’t Stop It – multiplatinum
8th Avenue Shuffle
Slippery St. Paul


Rhythym and Blues and Jazz
The Roach (Hairspray) (ENITH master #1268, The Spats and/or on original sound label)
So Goes Love (Charles Brown) (Verve)
Elevator Boogie Jump (Mabel Scott) (Exclusive)
Hard Work (John Handy) (MCA)
Spanish Lady (John Handy) (Koch)
What I Know Now (Coco Montoya) (Alligator)
Perfect Strangers (James Solberg) (Ruf Records) (Larry Dunn/New Blue Classic)
Spanish Lady (John Handy) (Polygram)
Alvina (John Handy) (Polygram)
Say No More (The Treniers) (Epic Records) and additional alternative Master
Sweet And Innocent (Timmy Welch) (Reprise)
Baby Mine (Bill Henderson) (Verve)
I’ll Always Remember You (Nat King Cole) (Capitol)
Start It Slow (Mari Jones with Johnny Moore’s Band)**
Mama Don’t Allow No Mambo (Johnny Moore with Charles Brown)**
Dancing Girl (The Excel Five with Jesse Johnson) *Enith #72263
If I Cant Have You (Etta James)* We Control Song
Is A Man Really Worth It (The Rubies) *Enith #72063
Island Called Romance (The Splendours) *Jano #004
One Love, Not Two (Dan and The Cleancuts) *Enith #1270
Sugar Cane (The Rubies) *Enith #72063
Talk Is Cheap (The Excel Five) *Enith 72263
Gator Tails And Monkey Ribs (The Spats) *Enith #1268 and The McCoys (Sony)
Girls (recorded by Billy Dolton a.k.a Glen Campbell) Kaybo Records #K617-2
Soul Livin (Everyday People) (Playground Records) (Master Controlled)
A Rainy Night In Brooklyn (In-house Master) Jazz Pop
Boston Stroll Pt. 1 & 2 (Chowderhead and The Baked Beans) (We own Master)


Things Goin Round In My Mind (Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty) (Sundazed)
Girl, I’m Waiting For You (Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty) (Sundazed)
Powered By Love (Billy Guy)*
Stomp Look And Listen (The Remarkables – Instrumental) Enith Master*
Story Of The Rockers (Gene Vincent) Forever Records (U.S. only) – master controlled
Hot Dog Here He Comes (The Trilites) *Enith #72163
My Echo Wont Leave Me Alone (Jeffrey Bristol) (master controlled) Enith
Lady Of The North (Gene Clark) (A&M Records)
Doctor Of Hearts (The Chiffon’s) (Reprise)
Ooh Whee Marie (Dick Dale -1st Single) (Deltone)
The Shimmy Shake (Freddy Morgan – Instrumental) *Enith #711-1
Heartsong (Recorded By Randy Meisner) (Asylum Records)
Go Go Yamaha (recorded by The Spats ABC Records)
Wiggle Wobble Walkers (we own master/Enith records) Instrumental


Dreamboat (Alma Cogan, Ray Anthony, Andrew Sisters) (EMI Records)
It’s So Laughable (Doris Day) (Capitol)
I Thought Of You And Said A Little Prayer (Mahalia Jackson) (Columbia)
One Step Towards The Lord (Mahalia Jackson) (Columbia)
I Wanna Say Hello (Sophie Tucker) (Kem Records)
We/I Love The Sunshine Of Your Smile (various) (We own the original song & master) aka the Eisenhower campaign song
Hello Mr. Heartbreak (Margie Rayburn) (Liberty Records)
Go Down To The Beach, Get Into The Ocean (Casey O’ Hara-Pied Pipers) (Capitol)
Save Your Love For Me (Jerry Wright) (In-House) (Co – Pub With Harry Warren Catalog)
Napoli (Jerry Wright) (In-House) (Co-published with Harry Warren Catalog)
Blues Jumped Up And Got Me (Benny Goodman) (Capitol)
Violin aka Song Of The Violins (David Rose and the David Rose Orchestra) (Instrumental) (MGM Records #E3134)
Walking In The Light Of The Lord (Lou Rawls & The Pilgrim Travelers) (Capitol) co-controlled.
Very Best Luck In The World (I Wish You) (Ebonaires) (Fantasy Records) co-controlled.
Back In The Good Old Days (Casey O Hara) (Master controlled)
You’re Looking At My Guy (The Westwinds) Capitol
Oowee Oowee Oowee (Perry Como) (Sony)
You Are What The Poets Write About


Vocal Songs
Dooley (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Old Home Place (The Dillards) (Elektra) *we have master
There Is A Time (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Doug’s Tune (Douglas Dillard) ( D. Dillard and on JD Crowe)
Ebo Walker (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Old Blue (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Jody’s Tune (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Whole World Round (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Polly Vaughn (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Never See My Home Again (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Old Man At The Mill (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Nobody Knows (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Forget Me Not (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Lonesome Indian (The Dillards) (Elektra)
John Henry (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Blackeyed Susie (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Little Maggie (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Buckin Mule (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Groundhog (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Banks Of The Rouge Bayou (The Dillards) (Vanguard)
Green Corn (The Dillards) (Elektra)
The Greenback Boys (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Pretty Polly (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Boil Em Cabbage Down (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Let The Music Flow (The Dillards)
Darlin Boys (The Dillards) (Grammy Winner)
Lady Of The North (Gene Clark) (A&M) Copublished Irving Music
Old Joseph (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Cripple Creek (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Cumberland Gap (The Dillards) (Varese) *We own Sync
Somebody Touched Me (The Dillards(Elektra)
Move On, Life Of The Common Man (The Dillards) (Vanguard)
Take Me Along For The Ride (The Dillards without Doug) (Vanguard)
Where Does All The Love Go (Ginger Boatwright) (Flying Fish)
Nashville In The Rain (Ginger Boatwright) (Flying Fish)
Get Em Up (Ginger Boatwright) (Flying Fish)
Sipsey (Ginger Boatwright) (In-House Master)
Angelina Baker (Ginger Boatwright) (In-House Master)
Back Home To You (Ginger Boatwright) (Flying Fish)
So Long Farewell Goodbye (Ginger Boatwright) (In-House Master)
Lonely Dreams (Ginger Boatwright) (In-House Master)
Ocean (Ginger Boatwright) (In-House Master)
Hey Mr. Banjo (The Sunnysiders) (Enith) U.S Only

Ginger Boatwright – GFA Records *In-house Masters
From the album “Inside The Gate”

Inside The Gate
In The Garden
Keep On The Firing Line
At Calvary
Broken Old Tree
Old Country Church
Robes Whiter Than Snow
Victory In Jesus
Supper Time
Hand In Hand With Jesus
Almost Persuaded

Ginger Boatwright from the album “Sentimental Journey: The Bluegrass Jazz Experience” (with Woody Herman & Vassar Clements) We control songs %26 masters formerly on Laserlight Records. Master available for Leaseback Licensing.
Honey Honey
The Outlaw
You Knock At My Memory’s Door
Cover Me
Come To Me Gently
One Broken Heart

Bluegrass & Americana
(Instrumental Songs)
G String Boogie (Doug Dillard Band) (Flying Fish)
Jamboree (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Banjo In The Hollow (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Liberty aka Lincoln And Liberty (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Old Joe Clark (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Doug’s Tune aka My Grass Is Blue (Douglas Dillard) (20th Century Recs)
Hickory Hollow (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Old Joseph (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Sinkin Creek (The Dillards) (Elektra)
Fiddle And Banjo (Features Vassar Clements -The Dillards) (Elektra)
Wide Wide Dixie Highway (The Dillards) (Vanguard)

From John Mc Euen, Roundtrip Live in LA (we handle songs and masters for sync) FOR SYNC WORLD.
La Devils Dream
Good Old BoysTexas
Early Arrival
Night Flight
Gate Change

Live Recordings*we control songs & masters for Sync World and Master Leaseback outside North America.
from The Dillards -The First Time Live (Varese) #302 066 057 2
John Hardy
Old Man At The Mill
Green Corn
Katie Cline
Banjo In The Hollow
Old Blue
Buckin Mule Groundhog
Cripple Creek
Little Maggie
Watermelon On The Vine
Cumberland Gap also from Dillards, The Lost Years 1959 Rare Live Master.

From Bluegrass Breakdown Newport folk festival classics (Vanguard) (vcd77006)
Old Joe Clark
Ground Hog
Banjo In The Hollow
Polly Vaughn
The Dillards*


Latin Pop Songs

Azuca Pa Tu Amargura
El Duende
Corazon Adentro
Ni Ti Ni Yo from Albita – Son (Silva Screen Records 2000)* We control the songs.

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*We control this Master