about lynne robin green

Music Publisher, Administrator, Licensing Consultant, Artist and Writer Rights Advocate and Educator

Lynne Robin Green is the president of Lansdowne Music ASCAP/Winston Music Publishers ASCAP/Hoffman House Music BMI/Bloor Music Publishers BMI, collectively known as LWBH Music Publishers. Her founding company Winston Music Publishers was established in 1958 on Vine Street in Hollywood, CA.

Lynne Robin Green is a published journalist and an artist rights educator, advocate and songwriter, with music publishing educational articles published in Inside Connection Magazine, NY. She has written the monthly music-publishing column for eight years. Her educational articles have been published on the Internet at www.halsguide.com since 1998.

She has served as a judge for many music competitions such as The John Lennon Song Writing Competition, The Prism Awards, Cable Ace Awards , La’s Finest, The Lionel Ritchie Songwriting Scholarship, The Inner City Music Awards, LA School District Reflections Music Competition, LASS, NAS, Austin Songwriters Contest, Dallas Songwriters Contest. She has been a featured guest publisher speaker for The Musicians Institute L.A., UCLA Extension, SGA (LA), Songnet.org and for the Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Arizona and San Francisco Songwriter’s Associations (now known as West Coast Songwriters Association).

She produced the standing-room-only workshops “Everything You Should Know About Publishing, But Were Afraid To Ask and “The Fast Track Rewrite” for L.A. Songwriter Organizations,. Her music publishing educational materials are featured in the curriculum textbook of “The Rock N Roll Camp For Girls” (Portland, Oregon) and in publications on Musician’s Health.

Featured in and interviewed for both Music Connection Magazine (Los Angeles) and American Songwriter Magazine twice, she specializes in the business of writer publishing administration and royalty collection, TV, film and record exploitation, specialized clearance work, foreign licensing, copyright research, renewal rights, as well as the lost art of artist and writer royalty recovery. She has consulted for an A to Z list of classic artists and writers by word of mouth referral only, including The Isleys, John Handy, Bill Henderson, Ronnell Bright, Brenton Wood, Vassar Clements, Steve Young, Jim Stafford, Jimmie Rodgers and many many more. Major entertainment law firms, managers and many independent record labels employ her research and consultation services, too.

Find Lynne’s Educational articles on under on web at www.halsguide.com or do a Google search of her name “Lynne Robin Green.”

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