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The Masters and Songs of the Enith International Record Label Discography 1958 – 1960 is like a little bit of history. Here are just a few of the cool songs, originally released on 45’s, that we control.

R & B, Doo-Wop, Garage, Pop & Rock:

Dancing Girl The Excel Five featuring with Jesse’s great voice of the extraordinary 60’s R&B vocalist, Jesse Johnson. This track has so much passion and fire, one wish he lived to see the fame he richly deserved. The arrangement and production on this record is clearly authentic and very special.

Is A Man Really Worth It – The Rubies. This is female doo-wop group went on to record for Viceroy Records. This song has attitude, great vocal harmonies, sassy keyboards and plenty of female funk.

Sugar Cane – The Rubies
. Here’s a doo-wop record about a guy that’s really sweet written by Alonzo Willis who also wrote Dick Dale’s Peppermint Man.

The Roach – The Spats. This clean-cut, white, R&B group later signed to ABC Paramount Records. This song, cut by Gene & Wendell on Ray Star Records, was featured in the movie Hairspray and the MCA Records soundtrack. Calvin Carter (Vee Jay Records) also recorded the song.

Gator Tails and Monkey Ribs The Spats. This is a comical and funky song about a lady asked by her boyfriend in a restaurant, what she would like to order. Also recorded by The McCoys (of Hang On Sloopy Fame) Best Of The Mc Coys on Sony Records.

Talk Is Cheap – The Excel Five – Another great R&B vocal performance by Jesse Johnson with plenty of unrequited love and street attitude.

Will Tomorrow (Be Just Another Day) aka Tomorrow The Trilites. A teenage, dreamy female group, doo-wop record about love, hope and going steady.

Hot Dog, Here He Comes The Trilites –  This vintage, female, harmony-laden track smacks of teen innocence and has a really fun and playful lyric about her crush who tantalizes all the other girls when he walks by.

One Love Not Two Dan and The Clean Cuts – This very young, black, R&B melodic group sings about teen fidelity. The song was also released on Revue Records (Universal) with Lonnie B & Viki G. Lonnie B., also know as Alonzo B Willis, is our writer of many of our R&B classics here. He penned our King Of The Surf Guitar, Peppermint Man, Wild Ideas (Dick Dale) and co-penned The Roach with Steve Venet. The group was later signed to Scepter Records.

Island Called Romance The Splendors. This group is one of our most melodic and sweetest sounding doo-wop R&B acts. The song is a fantasy vignette about taking a trip, high on love.

Powered By Love by Powered By Love This 60’s psychedelic group recorded this one screaming, raging, obscure, rare single only! A. We get many letters from disk jockeys in Europe wanting desperately to find and interview the songwriter, Billy Guy. The vintage sounding guitar-riffs and crazy, vocal ad-libs are well worth the price of admission.

Classic and Unusual 60’s Instrumentals

Hey Tiger with Felix Garcia on guitar.
Originally recorded in the early sixties on Enith as a takeoff on 60’s TV commercials that portray swinging playboy’s with an East L.A. Latin crossover style (preceding Tequila). It took 20 years to find out that our founder Jack Hoffman did the cool, growling voiceover of Hey Tiger.

Savage Girl with Felix Garcia on guitar. Recorded in the early sixties, this has a weird, women-in prison guitar and Sturm und Drang drum ambiance with freaky electronic guitar riffs.

Choo Choo Blooz features George Tracy. This black harmonica artist drives this song right on down the tracks. On our Boom Records label, this is an authentic railroad engine song that moves almost visually through the blues.

Tracy Blues George Tracy – The B-Side of Choo Choo Blooz also features George Tracy on the harmonica and is on our own Boom Records label. This cut is a much slower train track with much wah-wah harmonica funkiness.

Wiggle Wobble – Stan Worth. Also known as Wiggle Wobble Walkers, this track, performed by the famous keyboardist Stan Worth of Bozo The Clown show fame, was inspired by a toy that walks up walls. This song is a surprising mix of military march and comical tempo.

Teenage General a.k.a. Carnival Stan Worth. This track also played by famous keyboardist Stan Worth of Bozo The Clown Show fame, is a 60’s name call-of famous teenage song titles and has the most eccentric marching rock trombone and drum tempos that you’ve ever heard.

Acapulco with Felix Garcia on guitar. This track has a 60s Torchelu meets Hawaiiana ambiance with wide-open jazz guitar tunings that make it feel weirdly discordant yet melodically interesting. In 1999, a major Japanese artist rerecorded this song that also enjoys many Japanese covers.

Chi Chi with Felix Garcia on guitar, A real 60’s European, Riviera type scenic instrumental with the open tunings of Felix’s big body guitar style.

Beachcomber (The) a.k.a. Moody Melody With harmonica, whistling and real beach sounds, this track is a whimsical, musically-visual travel down the sand, along the water. 

Shimmy Shake (The) This song featuring the great French keyboardist, bandleader Freddy Morgan (of Spike Jones fame) has over 175 recordings in Japan and is also very well known in England. The song was used extensively on the Bozo The Clown show in the 60’s as his signature circus music theme. Very unusual and special.

Margie’s Tune. This is like New Orleans street blues with an up-tempo fully orchestrated party time feel.

Stomp Look and Listen. Enith’s original sax and gangster side by The Remarkables featuring guitarist Dave Porrazzo a.k.a. Johnny Zorro (of Road hog fame) and Plas Johnson on sax. It’s very gangster surf and was used as the promotional spots for the ABC movie of the week Lady Mobster.

Virginia Street Blues – Freddy Morgan

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