Administered Clients

Administered clients

We administrate many in-house recording artists, composers and music publishing firms under our company’s umbrella worldwide. Our administrated publishing clients include many song catalogs. Included here are only the highlights, not all titles. If you seek something you can’t find here, just contact us.

John McEuen
Colorado Music and Video Wizards Music are the publishing firms of John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (includes the Steve Martin classic “King Tut,” songs from The Circle Albums, John McEuen’s solo albums, TV and Movie Scores). Complete song list below. John McEuen is available for guest appearances and scoring. Find his TV and Film scoring credits at

John McEuen, Colorado Music (ASCAP) administrated by Winston Music Publishers:
Arkansas Traveler (traditional arrangement by John McEuen)
Back In The Saddle (John McEuen)-
Bed Of Clover (Jim Ratts)
Blackberry Jam (John McEuen)
Cripple Creek (traditional arrangement by John McEuen)
Dismal Swamp (John McEuen, William McEuen) Co-controlled
Don’t Bring It Around (John McEuen/Nancy Montgomery/Morgan Marshall/Gary Nicholson) Colorado Music co-controlled.
Friday Night At Maybe (John McEuen)
Howlin At The Moon (John McEuen/Jim Ratts) Co-controlled
John Hardy (traditional arrangement by John McEuen)
John’s WSM Radio Blues (John McEuen)
King Tut (Stephen Glenn Martin aka Steve Martin)
Miners Night Out (John McEuen)
Mountain Whipporill (Stephen V. Benet, arrangement by Walter H McEuen)
Mullen’s Farewell To (John McEuen/Al Garth)
Ozark Nights (Jim Ratts)
Return To Dismal Swamp II (John McEuen/William McEuen)
Spinning Wheel (traditional arrangement by John McEuen)
Stars And Stripes Forever (John Phillips Sousa) (arrangement by John McEuen)
Win Or Lose (John McEuen)

John McEuen’s Video Wizards (BMI)- Administrated by Hoffman House Music
Acoustic Traveler (John McEuen)
After Dark (John McEuen)
Andante – The Bach (John McEuen)
Back n 4th (John McEuen)-
Back And Forth In Pahrump (John McEuen)
Barefoot In Phoenix (John McEuen)
Clear Cut (John McEuen)
Clementi (John McEuen)
Do It Again (John McEuen)
Early Arrival (John McEuen)
Fall Creek (John McEuen)
Fisher’s (John McEuen)
Gate Change (John McEuen)
Go Lightly In The Night (John McEuen)
Good Old Boys Texas (John McEuen)
Greensleeves 1997 (Walter H McEuen)
Homecoming (Dominic Camradella/Walter H John McEuen)
Jesse Polka (John McEuen)
John Hardy Jam (John McEuen)
John Henry In Manhattan (John McEuen)
Johnson Boys Medley (John McEuen)
Journey Through Dixie (John McEuen/David Hoffner)
Keep Walking (John McEuen/David Hoffner)
L.A. Devils Dream (John McEuen)
Lady’s Choice (John McEuen)
Little Joe The Wrangler (John McEuen)
Live Medley (John McEuen)
Moonlight Dancing (John McEuen)
Music Of The Wild, The (John McEuen)
Night Flight (John McEuen)
No One To Go My Bail (John McEuen)
One Day (Jonathan McEuen) Master recorded by Dave Mason
Prayer For You (Jonathan McEuen Jr./ Jesse Siebenberg) Co-controlled
From “Hanna McEuen” (Dreamworks/Nashville 8, 2005)
Red Arrow To Moscow, The (John McEuen)
Red Wing (John McEuen)
Return To Dismal Swamp II (John McEuen)
Ryan Williams Arrival (John McEuen)
Traditional Blues (John McEuen)
Turkey In The Straw (traditional arrangement by John McEuen)

Larry Dunn

Larry Dunn Music (ASCAP) New Blue Classic Records/Jump Blues, R&B Roots, Jump Swing %26 Blues songs & masters featured in the Olympics, TV Specials and more. See New Independent Artists for samples.

More Administrated Clients:

Axis Mundi Songs (ASCAP)/Scott Szabo Film, TV & TV Commercial composer (Houston, Texas) see

Rodney Dillard Music (ASCAP) of The Dillard’s (Branson, MO)

Flint Music (ASCAP) Douglas Dillard’s firm Bluegrass (Nashville, TN)

Hard Work Music (BMI) Veda Music Co. (BMI). John Handy, Jazz Legend (Worldwide Rights) (San Francisco)

No Mamut Music (Farias Productions) producer of TV theme Cristina Show, major Latin shows and TV Commercials. Gustavo Farias is available for scoring.

Maria Luisa Music (ASCAP) Soy Uno Music (BMI)/Luis Medina’s firm (Latin Market TV and Film Production Company). See Albita Songs on the site.

Wild Pony Music (BMI)
The Songs from El Clon (Co-published with Soy Uno Music)

GFA Music (BMI) Ginger Boatwright Bluegrass, Country and Christian Artist Writer

Playground Music/Pewter Pal Music/Philella Music (BMI) Deviny James Music (ASCAP) rock historian, record producer Jim Pewter’s Firms (Classic 60s Surf, R&B and Rockabilly catalog)

Ahuh Music (BMI) Jazz legend vocalist, arranger Bill Henderson

Triple Scale Publishing (BMI) Harvey Scales, Stax R&B Legendary Vocalist/Composer.
Co-publisher of Spend The Night Forever, I Can Do Bad By Myself, Fraction Of The Action and many more.

Paper Pigeon Music (Daniel Kane) The Chapman “Stickman” San Francisco New Age and Pop.

Hard Work Music
Veda Music Co
Playground Music
Pewter Pal Music
Deviny James Music
Philella Music
Colorado Music
Video Wizards
GFA Music
Flint Music
Rodney Dillard Music
DWN Music
Taurus Music Publishers
Larry Dunn Music
No Mamut Music
Axis Mundi Songs (U.S.)
Soy Uno Music
Maria Luisa Music
Wild Pony Music
Ahuh Productions
ASB Music
Paper Pigeon Music