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The cover of our 2 CD promotional compilation Classic Dillards, Lansdowne and Winston Publishers Collection Volume I & II was hand painted by Damon Warren of Warren Expressions 310.463.0799 and is used by permission of the artist. When you visit the Venice Boardwalk in California, be sure to look for Damon. His artwork is awesome!

Special thanks to Randy Campbell for the special photo he gave us for The Dillards Museum.

Appreciation and gratitude to Christina Hadley for gracious assistance in scanning our materials and her great design work of This Is The Time, The Dillards Songbook and...

To Diana Jayne for the Songbook's back and front cover photos and pictures of Mitch Jayne in the Dillards Museum.

To Rachel Dillard for the special picture of Dean Webb, Charlene Peterson, Rodney Dillard, Douglas Dillard and Andy Griffith from the Statue Induction Ceremony.

To Ronnie Ellis for the photo of Mitch Jayne and Dean Webb.

Special Thanks to Brad Nelson for DVD editing. and Deziak Entertainments Emory Morrison for our mp3 editing.

Leslie Wintner of w i n t n e r : d e s i g n gratefully acknowledges LA Flash for ongoing inspiration and learning opportunities.